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Screenshot of the WooCommerce order list page with Dashify styles and functionality.

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I’ve been recommending clients use Shopify, because it’s a lot easier to use for beginners, but this totally changes the usability of WooCommerce. This is really excellent.


I’m often ashamed of showing the WooCommerce backend to my clients who deal daily with various “easy-to-use” SaaS. This plugin dramatically improved the WooCommerce user experience out-of-the-box.


How does Dashify make WooCommerce better?

Screenshot of how Dashify changes the WooCommerce admin order view to be more like Shopify in terms of layout and style.

Shopify-like order view

Looking for user friendly order editing? Dashify’s layout puts key information such as products, order number, date, and status at the top. All actions buttons are clear and grouped together.

Screenshot of the WooCommerce order table fitting on mobile with Dashify.

Mobile-friendly order table

Check orders from your phone! Dashify makes the table responsive and fully usable on mobile devices.

Screenshot of the previous and next order buttons that Dashify adds to the top of the WooCommerce order view page.

Previous and next order buttons

From the order view, jump to the previous or next order with a button or keyboard shortcut. Optionally, skip to the next order of the same status.

Screenshot of the order status, date, and actions that Dashify moves to the top of the order view page.

Localized date and time

View order date and time in your region’s local format.

Screenshot of the order trend graphs that Dashify adds to a WooCommerce store.

Order trend graphs

See order trends to get insight into your store’s performance.

Screenshot of how Dashify make the order status selection for the WooCommerce order table more obvious.

Order status filters

Without Dashify, the order status filters are small and easy to miss. Dashify makes it part of the table so it’s bigger and easier to click.

Screenshot of floating bulk actions in the WooCommerce order list added by Dashify.

Floating bulk actions

If you’re in the middle of a long list of orders, the bulk actions appear as a floating bar, allowing you to perform actions without having to scroll back up.

Screenshot of how Dashify changes the look and feel of the order search and filter in WooCommerce.

Search and filter

In normal WooCommerce, all the filters and search are visible, making the page cluttered. With Dashify, the filters and search are neatly grouped together, and hidden when not in use.

Screenshot of the restyled order notes, which Dashify displays in the form of a timeline.


The order notes becomes a timeline, giving you more space for important context about the order.

Screenshot showing the back button that Dashify adds to the order view page.

Back button

Go back to the order list quickly from any order.

Video showing the timeline add new note field auto expanding as the user types more lines.

Auto-expanding order notes

Type long order notes with ease with Dashify’s auto-expanding fields.

Get even more WooCommerce upgrades with Dashify Pro.

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Screenshot of an order’s products in the WooCommerce order admin, showing SKU displayed as a separate column that can be sorted.

Sort order items by SKU

When packing orders that have many items, make just one walk down the shelves of your warehouse or fulfillment center.

Coming soon

Improved styles for the entire WooCommerce dashboard, recent orders and activity feed, search for anything (products, settings, customers, and more), and features to manage orders effectively with a team.



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